Infertility ultrasound January 20th 2017

I have an ultrasound booked  to investigate our failure to get pregnant since a miscarriage I had in 2016 , its my late nans birthday which is always a special day of remembering the fun times and knowing she is always watching over  me and my loved ones.

So a trainee starts the ultrasound and to my amazement, announces I am in fact pregnant! This is overwhelming news and so exciting! She goes to get a trained technician for further assistance. He then makes a sound, so I look at the screen.  I see this picture..


Im not sure what I am seeing so I announce to the technician and the trainee that we had been hoping to have twins. This scan is very early around 5 weeks so they are hesitant to say it is twins at first and complete some further investigations. Then they decide both sacs are consistent  with twins and deem to sacs and number each one.

Next ultrasound 3rd Feb, 2017.. Stay tuned.