20 weeks half way….who said it was easy!!

On Holidays

Doctors orders said we couldn’t make our planned trip to the snow, wahh!!!

My son was so excited to see snow for the first time and build a snow man, but the doctor said NO!!!! Flat out no, he said ” i wouldn’t advise you taking the long trip”.

So we had to come up with another idea, something that didn’t include a long car trip.

So Sydney it was, the Royal Easter Show, i hadn’t been to the show in years, my son was excited to see the animals, show bags, and rides, so we made arrangements to go to the Royal Easter Show.

We had a great day at the show, i was so tired my feet hurt…

My son loved the rides….




our stash!!


While in Sydney we went to the footy Souths and Broncos playing at ANZ Stadium, was a great night!!


We went off to the aquarium in Sydney it was amazing!! The Jellyfish were the best!!





The penguins were so cute!!



On way home we stopped off at my brothers n sister-in-laws and we went to the park and had a full day, then we had to leave for home.


We arrived home and went straight to bed, we were all exhausted!!

Great trip we all had lots of fun, very tired and exhausted.

New Car

Look what the easter bunny had for us!!! A new car … my son what that excited he couldn’t wait to sit in it….. off we go to Sydney in our new car…..

Our new car drove like a dream all the way to Sydney and back again, my son loves it to bitz!!



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