20 weeks pregnant yay!!! Half way there!!!

How am i feeling?

Very overwhelmed right now……I’m still working part-time. I’m finding all this mother hood very overwhelming….

My back hurts, its very hard to find a position to be comfortable, sleeping is hard, i have a mummy pillow, that’s not really helping right now!!

I’m still tired all the time, making twins is very tiring right now…..

I’m very grateful for my little miracles growing inside me, it’s a wish come true for all off us!!

I have put on weight, not to sure what i weigh right now!! I’ve had to buy a lot of maternity clothing and bra’s. I’m showing earlier then i did with my first son that’s for sure, I’m carrying two little miracles.

They are both moving around making mummy uncomfortable haha!!!

I do find that having a bath in epson salts and essential oils helps alot!!

Helps my back and for me to relax more, it’s such a great help…

I’m still eating a lot, i am eating for three now, my son says ” but mummy your eating for three” his so cute i love him to bits….

My son has been helping me out a lot now, if i ask him to do something for me he does the job no questions asked, I’m so grateful for his help…..

He will make a wonderful brother for these little twins that’s for sure…his so excited about helping me look after them, such a blessing!!

I have to run off to work right now, i don’t want to go, I’m so overwhelmed and tired already, wish me luck!!

If anyone has any helpful tips on how i can get comfy, or something that can help relieve back pain please comment, HELP!!!!

Can i go back to bed now???


More later!!



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