Q n A answered

How am i feeling??

Crazy hungry!! Crazy tired!!! Twinning is so tiring!!

I’m so hungry, i eat so much more then my lovable husband right now!!

I am eating for three right!!!!

I can eat this whole platter of food in one sitting, (pic above)…..:-)

Normally I’m not that big of an eater, i usually just pick at my food all day, bits and pieces…..

Tired still all the time, trying to stay normal, (what ever that mean’s)… it’s such hard work….

So feeling like crap, tired, tired and more tried……

I’m blessed right now that I’m working casual at the moment, or I don’t know how i would cope, with working full-time, a 6 year old child, a 30 year old child, house, preparing meals etc etc etc ……!!!!

Am i craving anything?

Let me get back to you on that one!!

Can i hear heart beats?

Yes, i can and i let me gorgeous son and hubby listen in as well, the look on their faces is precious!! Easy to do just get a stethoscope find the heart beats can take a bit to find exactly where they are in my belly lol


download (1)

Am i putting on weight?


Am I emotional?

Let me get back to you on that one, will ask my beautiful husband…

Am I still nauseated?

No, not really now thank goodness!! This seems to have lifted some!!


How am i feeling otherwise..

Not to bad, feeling very blessed right now!!

The above photo explains me right now!!!


Would i do this again??

Ask me this question in a few years time šŸ™‚

Really!! I would wish this experience on anyone that wishes to have twins, it’s a twinning experience so go for it!!
What foods do i like to eat right now?

Fruit, loving my fruit right now, grapes, strawberries, banana’s, pineapple, blueberries….

Love my cheese and crackers ( gluten free off course)….

Don’t mind munching on freshly opened coconut…


More to come stay tuned!!!



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