Hello World!!

Welcome to week 8 of my journey through twin pregnancy. This week was amazing, by amazing I mean.. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus!

The biggest win for the week was… Heartbeats! YES! 2 perfect heart beats. Twin 1 is sitting low and is measuring super tiny 7 weeks and 4 days. So of course naturally  I’m rounding it to 8 weeks. Twin 2 is higher and measuring super tinny tiny 6 weeks and 6 days.

So how am I feeling?

This week the action in my pelvis has increased by about a 1000%. The amount of pressure is insane and it is so painful! Thankfully my Dr has given me the next 2 weeks off work to help adjust to my new and forever changing twin pregnancy. Still super tired all the time ..Other annoying things include headaches and this heat, its like 38 – 44 degrees like everyday! This week the nausea has been at its peak 24/7 and makes it hard to sleep. So I haven’t been eating as much as most smells make me want to throw up, literally, its so attractive. #morningsickness

What I know for sure!

These rainbow twins are going to be happy and healthy through pregnancy, my fear is being able to manage all the changes my body is feeling, without breaking down 5000 times and being a sooky,  whinging human! Number 1 fear- going back to work!

Goals for this week

  1. Maintain healthy babies that continue to grow.
  2. Reduce stress by starting meditation and or yoga.
  3. Swimming everyday to reduce pelvic and back pain.
  4. Make my favorite fruit salad and share on GF it channel.

Motto this week Stay sane and relieve pain!




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